World Class Computer Science Education


 students helped

We have already helped over twenty students through providing bespoke tutoring according to their individual needs


marking accuracy

We can currently grade free-text short answers to fact based questions using SAMA with 94% accuracy, which is in line with competent human graders


companies helped

We have already helped produced bespoke resources for Computer Science for three organisations

the future of grading

Our software marks free-text short answers to fact based questions with the same accuracy as human graders, currently 94%.

Training Resources

We have produced a number of custom training resources for a wide range of Computer Science topics such as game development, Python programming and web design.  We can create resources customised to your needs too.

Bespoke Tutoring

Our experienced tutors offer a personalised service to address your needs, whether that be coursework support, revision or teaching you the tough topics.


Many schools and teachers are still finding the move from ICT to Computer Science to be a challenge, our experienced, qualified teachers and leaders can help with staff training and curriculum, including resources.